It is almost time!

Everything is beginning to get very real! I had my last day of work last Friday and have turned all my energy towards endless emails, cleaning, and packing. I have packed and repacked many times since December, but now I have all but my carry-on and personal item packed and ready to go. I am beyond ready to get on the flight but for now, I have to wait.



  hours  minutes  seconds


Take off from Charlotte

Before I finally take off, a few things need to happen.

  1. I need to get my passport back with my visa inside.

This is the point that is stressing me out the most. I have submitted an inquiry asking if everything is on track for me, but I am still waiting on a response. Please pray for me to get my passport as soon as possible. I truly do not know what the plan will be if it does not arrive by Thursday morning.

  1. Celebrate my dad’s birthday!!

Today is my dad’s birthday! We had a lovely brunch and are going out to dinner tonight. I am excited to get to spend as much quality time with my parents before I leave as I possibly can. Although I have been living with my parents since August, these final days feel extremely important and so much more valuable. I don’t want to waste a moment.

  1. Clear out “my room”

I have been living in my parent’s spare room for months. Now I need to remove all evidence of that fact from the room before I leave so it can go back to being a guest room. Most of the work has been done, but I need to pack up everything I am leaving behind. I already have bins ready to be filled but everything needs to be packed and taken to the basement for long-term storage. It is not much work, but it will just be tedious. That is tomorrow’s big project.

  1. Pack my bags!

On Wednesday, I need to do laundry. After my laundry is folded, some will go into space bags to be stored, one outfit will be left out, and the rest will be packed into my carry-on. My toiletries will need to be packed up, ready to go on Thursday morning. All my technology will need to be charged and ready for 12+ hours on flights. All my documents need to be packed and ready to go. SO much to do and SO little time left.


I have quite a bit of emailing to do. Emails preparing for my arrival. Emails getting affairs in order. So many emails. It is not that bad, I just do not really like writing emails in general.

As you can likely tell from this semi-rambling To-Do list, I am a bit stressed. This stress however is largely overshadowed by my excitement for everything that is ahead of me over the next year. I have been waiting for this moment for over two years and now it is just days away. The anticipation is at a crescendo and I can not wait for all that I have anticipated to become reality.

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