I am not on my flight….

In a disappointing turn of events, I will not be on a plane today. I will not be in Liverpool tomorrow. International flights require a passport and mine is currently stuck in New York at the UK visa office. Not only is my passport in the wrong state, but it is also still devoid of the most important sticker of my year, my work visa. Although it should have been done by now, 16 days later they still haven’t processed it. I emailed asking if the UKVI would tell me anything about when my visa will be decided but got a very unhelpful canned response. They said they have it and have started the process but can give me no information about when it will be complete.

Yesterday was a hard day. Watching the hours tick by. Checking my email again and again. Slowly realizing that my chances of making it onto the flight were fast approaching zero. The longer it went on the more like a live wire I felt like. Just moments away from crying.

I have been waiting for over two years to start my YASC year, but having a delay right at the very last moment has hurt more than every covid based delay up to this point. A pandemic making me wait was hard, but knowing I am being forced to wait on people who will not give me any information is so much harder.

In general everything is fine. Not good, not bad, just fine. I will just be waiting at my parents house in North Carolina till the passport is in my hand. The one thing making this worse is that tomorrow, my parents are moving to Arizona for 3 months. This means that I will be here alone until I eventually leave. The next week is going to be a weird one but I will make it through. Everything is in God’s hands now, and I will wait until God’s plan is ready.

One thought on “I am not on my flight….

  1. Leslie Steffensen

    Hang in there, Charlotte! This is an inconvenience but NOT a disaster. Your “homecoming” to Liverpool will be so sweet when you finally arrive later THIS week. Prayers and love, Mum.


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