Oh, what a week I have had!

On April 8th I finally got on a plane to England after over two years of waiting. In the early hours of the morning, I finally arrived and hit the ground running right into holy week. I have had a wild nine days filled with holy week services, adventures around Liverpool, Liverpool FC games, new friends, new experiences, volunteer work, and so much more. It is going to take some time to write about everything that happened last week, but since I have this week off from work I will be expanding on all the amazing experiences I have had since the moment I got off the plane.

I know this update is short, but I just wanted to post something so all of y’all know I am finally in Liverpool and that I am safe and having an amazing time. I have so much to say so more updates will be coming soon.

For now, enjoy the breathtaking view from my bedroom in the Tsedaqah House!

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