A Week in My Life: Tuesday

This morning I had a hard time getting up since I woke up extremely congested. Since I finally had a chance, I went to the pharmacy as early as possible to get some nasal allergy spray. Medication prices here are so amazingly low. I had been told this, but the multiple-month supply of spray cost me £5. In the USA the same kind of medication costs almost $30. I wish we had the same pricing in the USA, so I will enjoy the low medical costs while I am here.

After I got home with the seriously life-saving nasal spray, I did some work around my room. Being sick and then jumping right back into work, my room had gotten pretty out of wack. I needed to get my space back in line or I knew I would not be able to focus and get work done.

Around lunchtime, I got a text in our house group chat asking if someone could take a picture of Ian’s inner tube for his bike tire since he was at the store but forgot to make note of the size he needed. I hadn’t gotten into actual work yet so I went out to the garage to take the photo. However, Cathrine was on a zoom meeting in the kitchen so I had to sneak through. I felt really bad and the back garden was so nice and sunny so instead of coming back in, I stopped for some garden time. I picked some strawberries that we didn’t know were growing back there until two weeks ago. They were amazingly delicious. Then I sat down at the garden table and just about fell asleep in the sun. After a solid 20-minute break in the summer sun, Cathrine’s meeting finished up and I headed in to finally actually get to work.

My Tuesdays are special project days, so over my time here what I do will change. For now, my special project is reworking the three websites for the churches in the parish. They are not bad, but they are not up to date or very accessible. Today I finally got around to implementing parts of the planning I have been doing for the past few weeks. The websites are Squarespace so they are easy to edit, but there is no good way to do major reworking without it being immediately published. The instant visibility of all edits has made this process so stressful if I am being fully honest. I am figuring it out though and I just have to remind myself that the likelihood of someone being on the page in the middle of the day on a Tuesday is probably really low.

After I got everything I had prepped for on the website done, I went down for dinner. I had some leftover soup cause soup is the best food group. I ate it while enjoying some more of the sun since today was just so nice. Once I was done, I headed back up to my room to do some planning and some work on some last things I realized that I forgot to do while I was eating dinner.

Since then I have been killing time by writing and drinking tea since I need to stay up for a midnight zoom meeting. It is not actually specifically a midnight zoom meeting, it is actually a 7pm EST meeting, I am just not on the east cost anymore.

The midnight meeting is with the vestry of Grace Episcopal Church, Alexandria VA. I do not really have a home parish anymore since I have been in school and/or constantly on the move for the past 6 years so I feel I do not have roots anymore. I am excited to try and work with my former parish to create a new relationship and bring more awareness to how Grace Church is connected to the Anglican Communion and the Triangle of Hope. I will write more about how that meeting went tomorrow since I think after the meeting ends, I am going to crash as soon as possible. I have to get up earlier tomorrow since I need to be out of the house an hour earlier on Wednesdays than I do any other day of the work week.

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