Part of the YASC program is that we, as missionaries, ask those around us to become invested in our mission. This investment can be following along with our blogs, keeping in touch, or it can be financial backing.

This program can cost the church over $10,000 and any money donated goes directly to funding my year in England. Pre-departure, my work visa has cost over $1,200, my flights cost almost $1,000, and these are just the base costs of getting me to England.

The Goal:

My goal is to raise $5,000 or half of the total cost of my year. If you are unsure how much to donate, consider donating for a day, week, or month of my stay in Liverpool.

$14 a Day

$95 a Week

$425 a Month

How to Donate:

If you would like to help financially you can donate by:

  • Sending a letter with your credit card information to the Mission Personnel office
  • Sending a letter with a check to the Mission Personnel office
  • An online donation option may be coming soon